August 1, 2002

Well, we are fast approaching the Big Day and I can certainly say we are NOT ready! Yes, we are thrilled to be walking down the aisle and tie the knot (we are sooo ready for that), however we still have quite a bit to do. Our wedding favors have been causing many issues and I think...No, I know we are ready to pummel each other! I truly have given a new meaning to moody and B****y these last 2 weeks and Gary has dug back into his non-confrontational hole.

I have heard many times that if you can make it through your engagement and planning of your wedding matter the can make it through whatever God throws your way later. Yeah, well...Bring It On!

After going through the confirmed guest list, we are so happy to see so many friends and family take their time to come to our wedding. Gary and I absolutely love the area of Napa Valley and know those that are able to make it will have a fantastic time! Carlye C., Brian K., & Winnie...I can't wait to see you...thanks for coming such a long way for Gary and I.

Love you all, Misty