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Gary proposed October 14, 2001, Sunday. We didn't have his daughter with us that weekend, so we planned lunch at our favorite road house restaurant in San Juan Capistrano, The Ramos House, and on a whim went to the San Juan Capistrano Mission. I had mentioned that I had heard you could get married there and he mentioned a few times that it would be a beautiful place for pictures. Anyway, on the way home he took a detour and got on the freeway, me, being the next-seat driver questioned him and he says we should go look at more rings (yes, we had already been looking and this just killed me). I, of course, agreed.

Four hours later we left with the ring and headed home, where he promptly put I in the safe! No proposal as of yet L While we were in the store, he asked if this the one we found was the one I wanted because he loved it. I burst into tears at the realization that he was actually buying the ring and this was huge!

He called my mother that night, she and my stepfather (Gary had already asked Jay, who of course loved the idea, but reminded Gary that he still had to ask my Mom!) live in Austin, Texas, and asked if she would approve. We then told her of the ring, but she swore she wouldn't tell anyone because he hadn't asked me yet. I was only allowed to tell my mother and our Great Dane, Duke. I don't think the dog truly understood my excitement :-)

Sunday, our friends, Sarah and John, came up from San Diego who are getting married this May. We took them out to brunch at our same road house cafe and of course they too had never been to the San Juan Capistrano Mission. Gary, being quickly mentions that we really should go again, since we all have cameras and they too should see it. Unbeknownst to me and our friends, he had taken the ring out of our house safe, stashed it under the seat of the car until we parked and slyly put it in his pocket.

While at the mission, there was a spot that I wanted to get our picture taken since we didn't have our camera the day before. While we were standing there I whispered that I wish I had my ring...he replied “Why?” I said, “Because then it would mean we would actually be getting married!” (Hello!) So, we look at the camera and he starts to move around, I look at him to question what's up and he is already down on one knee and he pops the BIG question, "Misty, will you marry me?" Well, I screamed and then I promptly said yes! He whips out the ring, places it on my hand and this entire time my friend realizes what is happening gets 2 pictures, runs out of film and makes us re-pose `for it all again! It was absolutely fantastic!

He said he would surprise me and he did. It is very hard to hide something from me and planning is not really his forte, but he was so prepared for whatever happened and went with it!