Hawaii 2004

Grace Reflecting

I Want To Be A Cowgirl!

Howdy Partner

Gracies' 1st B-Day - She took about 10 steps today!

Dad, Mom & Gracie @ Shannon's 9th Birthday Party

Easter Day

Grace's First Swim


My Girls

Shannon's 1st Lemondade Stand - A great success

I Love Mommy

Balloon Hats By Shannon

Big Yawn

1st Beach Outing

Wth Grandpa Jay

Sleep Tight Gracie

Big Smiles

Enjoying Breakfast @ The Beach

Happy @ The Beach

Love My Rubber Ducky!

All Warm & Snug

Just Kicking Back

Sitting Up

Did someone say ChaCha?

Good for the soul

Gracie & Mommy Xmas'03

Gracie & Grandma

Messy Eater

Grandma & Grandpa Houck

1st Food with Grandma & Mommy

Starbucks Run

Big Eyes

Gracie @ 4 Months

Now that's a great cup of joe!

Gracie's new shoes!

Mommy & Gracie Holloween 03

Grace & Daddy At Holloween 03

Grama & Grampa Houck

Grandma & Grandpa Houck

Donna, Misty & Gracie

Gracie the Care Bear

Gracie 2 Months

Gracie 2 Months

Gracie 2 and a half months

Gracie 2 and a half months

Gracie 2 and a half months

Gracie 2 Months

Janice & Donna & the Kids

Robert & Gracie

Happy 2 Months Gracie!

Proud Mommy with Gracie


Rough Life

Two Weeks Old Now

Gracie on Thursday

Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Jennifer

John & Sarah's Visit

Gracie - Day 2

All Bundled Up

The newest addition in the Elsasser Family

Happy Parents

Proud Daddy!

Proud Big Sister

Taking good care of her!

Day two - Big Hugs for her little sister.

First Time Sisters Meet!

Grandma Donna, Gracie & The Doc

Grandma Donna

Grandma Donna Showing Off Gracie

Grandma & Grandpa El

Grandma Donna, Grandpa Jay & Shannon with Grace

Grandpa Jay Holding Grace for the first time.

Isn't She Precious

- at 26 Weeks

Look at those cheeks and what a big toe!

Click on sonogram for earlier pictures of Grace & Misty